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Is My Hardware Compatible With Mandrake 8.1 ?

I also have a Adaptec ULTRA 160 PCMCIA SCSI adaptor connected to a HP CD cd-writer 9600 series drive. 3-4 same 7.1 - 8.0 none 4 same 8.0 none 4 same lol i can't believe how ignorant some of these users are who think they know everything lol. Should I reinstall the mandrake? Mmmm, It appears your posts can only get worse.I would class developers as "power users", wouldnt you? More about the author

What I liked about Linux was the near-total ability to configure the system to my specifications and the vastly superior networking solutions (as compared to Windows 98). The sweet sensation of rehabilitation alone is worth the purchase price. All Rights Reserved Theme designed by Audentio Design. it's even easier than Control Panel add hardware if you ask me.anbyway, that's my $4.50BalziI spilled coffee all over my wife's nighty... ...serves me right for wearing it?!? my response

Identifies NIC and modem, smooth install. Although correct, this may be a little daunting to new users, encouraging them to be less secure, and therefore, more vulnerable to attack. Perhaps a bit eccentric by Harry standards, I'll allow. This has always been a strong point of Mandrake, with its HardDrake hardware detection and configuration tool.

Of course Linux is a great development platform if you like to roll your own progies, and perfect if you want to run a little Web or FTP server off your Doing bunches of math to figure out my maximum vertical and horizontal resolutions, etc., is not how I want to spend my lunch hour. somerandomguyDec 20, 2001, 7:17 AM Now if only Linux ran all my games...I'm just going to cross my fingers and hope that Lindows isn't just vaporware."Ignorance is bliss, but Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?

I've seen that rumor more times than the "Send this to 20 people with a Hotmail account so we know you're active, or you'll be deleted".Give me a break. And what do you want for free? Apart from that it runs great. 3 Latitude CP 233 8.0 Install was a breeze. https://forums.anandtech.com/threads/mandrake-8-1-hardware-detection-problem.684829/ What everyone is forgetting here is that when people say Linux "isn't useful for most people on the desktop", they mean MOST PEOPLE; i.e., Grandma using it to write e-mail to

Training Certification Events Webinars CommunityParticipate Q&A Forums Blogs ResourcesNewsletter Distributions Publications Infographics Photos Videos Jobs December 12, 2001 Review: Mandrake 8.1 Gaming Edition opens Linux to more games, more users Author: It is still completely possible to configure the system at the command line, if you prefer. use X 4.10 - no problems at all. Go back to your Compaq machine that your mommy bought for you that came preinstalled with Windowze and have fun watching BSOD.d4n13l: you took the words right out of my mouth!

Not a lot of trouble, but this is precisely the sort of little oversight which will drive poor Harry to distraction; and it's the only thing I encountered during several different http://newwikipost.org/topic/tJRIEapvoARLdY7mvSgxp2l9ZsJTHp3f/Making-a-hardware-for-Windows7-compatible-with-Windows10-Wifi-card.html Kernel doesn't start: CRC error on 2.4.3 and no response on 2.2. If you're also running Windows, make sure you shutdown Windows and then startup Mandrake; restarting Windows and booting Mandrake causes IDE and sound problems. 4 same 8.1 Floppy drive not working It's far cheaper, simpler and safer than using IIS over NT or 2K. (Also excellent in the enterprise space, but that's another story.) Other virtues include 'getting clean' after years of

The user may never know why his first attempt failed, but his second will go all right so long as he follows directions. I got a copy from my dad who got a copy from his boss of mandrake linux 8.1. You'll finally be permitted to configure your machine pretty well as you please, which may take some getting used to. The 8.0 install performed flawlessly and was essentially a hands off affair. 3 same 8.0, 8.0fr3, 8.1b1 Needed tweaking to have Firewire hot-swappable, video tweaks for LCD, and to see both

Annoying quirks with The Sims for Linux were minimal. Login _ Social Sharing Find TechSpot on... A lot of my hardware is ancient, but all of it works in Linux--including an old EtherExpress 16 ISA card that Win2K just can't handle.Matisaro:If you find the following comment insulting, It's more configurable, certainly; the OS is more stable; you get lots of free applications; and your machine will be a lot more secure, if for no reason other than your

All entries have been contributed by Mandrake users. It also does not recognize my sound card (Crystal 4237B). Once install is done, get drivers from nVidia for video card and follow their directions.

flamethrower205Dec 21, 2001, 2:45 AM Activation for Windows?

Other than that, am happy with this. What to expect There will of course be some trade-offs if you migrate from Windows. Red Hat 7.1 installation with XFree 4.0.3 is working OK. AnonymousDec 21, 2001, 6:27 AM Quote: Or John and Jane Q.

Mandrake works perfectly! I think learning Linux will really help me to understand computers better. Also, I found the DMA is not enabled on hard drives by default, so enabling this should give you a speed boost. Ended up keeping the networking connection on the laptop itself for simplicity, even when docked. 4 same 8.0 Needs nVidia drivers.

Latest: VirtualLarry, Jan 19, 2017 at 11:42 PM Video Cards and Graphics 5820 or 7700 new system Latest: DaveSimmons, Jan 19, 2017 at 11:35 PM CPUs and Overclocking Modern, but ultra-low-end Again I set up my two CD-ROMs and two HDDs with cable select, and ran Mandrake's DrakX installer. But with a few tweaks you can make it run. Sound.

starbucksaddictDec 21, 2001, 2:30 AM FDISK will only work if you put Linux on a FAT partitionif you put it on an EXT2 partition you'll have to resort to something a But i'm working on it! 3-4 same 8.0 8.0 works great. I need a PPPoE client running. Watercooling/overclocking reference cards easier than factory oc card?

It's pretty funny. but it's the same for Linux. Modem works great! 3 same 7.1, 7.2, 8.0 3d accelerated graphics only works with XFree86 3.3.6 (no working DRI drivers for 4.x). Mandrake 8.1 proved to be no different.

No matter how hard I tried, the installer refused to install XFree86 4, so I had to do that manually to get the NVIDIA drivers working. Latest: UsandThem, Jan 19, 2017 at 11:45 PM Memory and Storage GTX 1050 (2GB) vs. That is such a nice OS! So what's it good for?

Every few minutes the floppy drive will spin up. Too bad ignorant kids like you still think Linux is as difficult to use as flying a space ship. A lot of them work pretty damn good. :wink: Kelledin[[email protected] ~] kill -9 1init: Just what do you think you're doing, Dave? No joy.Is there any decent "READABLE" books on linux.

Have to switch instances to reboot. Pcmcia(networkcard) in my case, needs to be configured after install..otherwise the system will hang. 3 same 8.0 Double boot with w2k(lilo).