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I Need Help With My Win Mx Version 3.53

May 14, 2005 #4 Alexander13 TS Rookie Win MX Hi I'm having the same problem (?) I've used WinMX 3.31? The grabbing of the files sounds on your Cd rom with a connection with the Internet site www.CDDB.com for an automatic titration of your Cd audios, the software directly compresses you and maybe... Everything you need at the MXPIE Website (http://www.MXPie.com) Free and Spyware free.

cheers Pacalis01-04-2007, 02:20 PMHello all, greetings. so, do i have to do something with a proxy server thingy or do i have to find out about the schools connection or what? Sapphire03-05-2006, 10:15 AMIf you are like I am and are lacking in the "technical skills" department, but at the same time, miss using WinMX (http://www.vladd44.com/mx/), there is a quick, easy and the minisicule amount of linux "iso's" and gnu community use hardly justifies the popularity of bit torrent and other p2p type file sharing programs out there.

Ask a question and give support. I need help. Is the problem here, or did they shut down? CM Briandurant2002, my apologies for not replying earlier ...

This works on version 3.53 and up even if you are not connected. I never knew about this forum. Or should we say WinMX Technology Associates? Thanks!!!

I am on cable and it is the slowest thing I have ever used. i even checked the fire wall but no luck, can anyone help me out? big daddy 7.6 replied on Wed, 10/08/2005 - 14:30 Permalink Ive used winMX and wasnt impressed at all,my advice is to use 'etomi pro',been using this for over a year now http://www.winmxworld.com/tutorials/sharing_on_353.html Slyck maintained communications with FrontCode president Kevin Hearn, who stated that work was still being continued on the mystical version 4.0.

Perhaps it could be working better-I don't know-I haven't checked on updates lately. Ask a Question See Latest Posts TechSpot Forums are dedicated to computer enthusiasts and power users. Thanks for any help. can anyone help me please:) haroldinho01-10-2007, 07:36 AMIs winmx down?

And everyone speeds as well. Then open the new incompletes folder & do the same with any incomplete files you may have.OK, so now we have our share organised, Time to set WinMX up to use I followed this thread and found the answers I needed and I am now connected to winMX using the 3.53 version with the directions for the patch. as they will load with both values blank, which means WinMX won't look for them or reload them next time you start.So now let's deal with the next most common sharing

a highly recommended site for this type of problem is www.p2pzone.com where filesharers hangout. Apart from separating your searches by tabs, it also displays file type icons to easily make a distinction between files you're downloading. It is impossible to connect to the network, and those remaining online will only stay online as long as their host supernodes do. In addition, users are able to resume downloads and throttle upload bandwidth and are allowed to download from multiple hosts to obtain their file faster.

Just go to this link WinMX Channels (http://www.vladd44.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=6514) Copy the Room name appropriate for your Language and paste it into your WinMX chat screen, then press the Join Button. Simply place this file in the folder with the *.exe file and restart. I just signed up with Vladd44.com in the hopes of getting their help on fixing WinMX but I still need help for WinAmp too. Yes, not many regulars here use P2P, maybe none of the "regulars" in fact.

Greg12-25-2002, 08:43 PMNone of the winmx 3 series besides 3.2 works so they could lower the matience cost. My WinAmp problems remain in that some music videos still won't play properly. Nothing seems to work.

This P2P client is a great choice for downloading all types of computer files, such as music, video, images, games, and text documents.

No, create an account now. I am trying to get my WinAmp up and running and in the process it seems it may be messing up my WinMX. Thanks Sep 15, 2005 #19 Mictlantecuhtli TS Evangelist Posts: 4,345 +11 Actually, some ISPs are now limiting bandwidth on known p2p ports. I can get lists and try to get them downloaded.

If this comes with a way to change settings in the vpn account i would look thru it and see if there are any firewall type settings within it. Easy User replied on Wed, 10/08/2005 - 12:38 Permalink By the way, you can change the colour setup to suit your needs also. The preparation of your programs in " mix automatic " with points of mixing defined by defect or be the DJ by mixing you even and by scheduling your "on air" Guest04-13-2005, 09:14 AMOriginally posted by M3ta7h3ad+Apr 12 2005, 05:32 PM-->

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