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I Need A Bit More Clarification On RAID

Retrieved 2014-11-04. ^ "Sun StorageTek SAS RAID HBA Installation Guide, Appendix F: Selecting the Best RAID Level: RAID6 Arrays". Retrieved 2015-01-02. ^ "RAID 5 Data Recovery FAQ". btw - RAID 0 is worthless and if you're concerned with drive failure then this isn't the way to go, 1 disk fails the array is gone - if you're going to use RAID With SSD, cost is a factor again.

Offline backups provide better protection for your data than a pair of RAID 1 volumes since they protect against risks that RAID can't, especially if you keep one of them offsite. Losing data can cost a business tens of thousands (or more). Android Central Connectedly CrackBerry iMore Windows Central Tesla Central VR Heads MrMobile Get ready for beta! Reading mode: Light Dark Login | Register NewsReviewsArticlesBuying GuideSample ImagesVideosCamerasLensesPhonesPrintersForumsGalleriesChallenges Forum indexCanon EOS 7D / 10D - 80D TalkChange forum (OT) RAID ( ?

Windows 7 recognizes pretty much everything. I wouldn't expect striping to cause any appreciable overhead -- if anything, striping should increase speed due to distribution. Hope that helps someone! 3 7 months ago Reply Forjo Atinxan All excellent advice! With survival hunters playing differently from beast masters.

How did I miss that? 0 7 months ago Reply CaedenV It is true that your OS should not be on the RAID managed by itself because you would loose everything. When you need to switch to the back up, you'll lose some access time to the data. Especially with no reagent cost at all now, it can be all too easy to activate AoE talents before larger packs of enemies in a dungeon, and then switch back to Jul 30, 2006 #1 fastco TS Booster Posts: 1,122 That is correct.

This makes it suitable for applications that demand the highest transfer rates in long sequential reads and writes, for example uncompressed video editing. Just plug them in, tell your BIOS you're using them in RAID configuration, specify RAID level (0, 1, or 5) and you're done. A chunk of data can be written as d k − 1 d k − 2 . . . https://amp.reddit.com/r/DestinyTheGame/comments/2nf1dj/i_feel_like_we_deserve_some_clarification_on_the/ An extra $500 when you build a server is peanuts compared to that.

One of the characteristics of RAID3 is that it generally cannot service multiple requests simultaneously, which happens because any single block of data will, by definition, be spread across all members Either you need to setup a scheduled backup system, or you can use RAID storage and only worry about actual backups if you have mission critical data that can be taken Hyperfish Feb 10, 2003 Respectfully disagree.. RAID levels and their associated data formats are standardized by the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) in the Common RAID Disk Drive Format (DDF) standard.[1] While most RAID levels can provide

If you're rebuilding an array it's because you didn't do your job in maintaining a backup. 1 7 months ago Reply CaedenV WTF are you talking about?  Dell is THE LARGEST https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/4368240 stupid, but on a side note, time to roll scribe on every toon. And then having to go to a "safe place" to change talents, lol, boss pulls are gonna take forever during progression. One of the electives I wanted to take was the class they teach ASP.

Retrieved 2007-11-24. ^ Faith, Rickard E. (13 May 2009). "A Comparison of Software RAID Types". ^ Anvin, H. solved how to create a RAID 1 array with out losing data we bought two new hard drives that are the same size but one is saying it is solved RAID Do you want to eat your cake, or do you want to save it for another time? I use RAID 10 (10TB) primarily on my computer, separate from the os drive (I use a ssd), for encoding projects, storage of coding files, video editing, etc.

Wrong. Hope this helps clarify things and the context of RAID vs back ups and their respective benefits. -1 7 months ago Reply CaedenV A few pointers for people: 1) Avoid RAID0 And since the CPU is lightly loaded during heavy writes, I'd say it's the cache that's the real reason my Poweredge is so much faster than my Media Center. 0 7 Thus, RAID6 implemented in software will have a more significant effect on system performance, and a hardware solution will be more complex.

That said, most people using RAID5 should be using it on a NAS where your network bottleneck is going to be way worse than any parody calculation you could throw at The only real advantage I see to Storage Spaces is using it with external drives connected via USB or network. 1 7 months ago Reply CaedenV Storage spaces is amazing! For the home user this article is seriously antiquated, I actually laughed some.

Yeah, they rock!

I don't use the standard RAID models but rather Synology's own RAID system SHR. Having a motherbaord with two Gigabit ports, or a single 10 Gigabit ports would be a plus, but most home situations will do fine with a single Gigabit port... It gives me high capacity on the cheap and the performance is better than a single drive. Your on-disc data is fine...

The calculations are handled by the RAID controller. The best bet would probably be to create a pair of RAID 1 mirror sets, which would give two volumes of 1.5GB each.Of, if the OP hasn't got a backup strategy Hennessy,David A. This can be done within Windows Pro and Server, or on the BSD side of things try using ZFS (which is absolutely fantastic!

If you do get Windows installing though, I highly recommend making a single-drive-sized (500GB to 1TB) partition for the OS. What is it fading? AnandTech. I've had similar experiences with home/home-office use.

Retrieved 2014-06-11. ^ a b "Which RAID Level is Right for Me?: RAID 1 (Mirroring)".