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Hard Drive Power Cable Issue


Its astonishing that so many highly educated computer repair persons are unaware of this high-failure part, but this is mostly due to the fact that they do not juggle 100s of Tried to boot from cd, and same problem: shutting down after couple of seconds.. If none of these nondestructive testing steps allows you to access the drive, it's likely that the drive is physically damaged, which does not bode well for data recovery. I have never touched them to my knowledge. navigate here

If the drive came up clean, the hard drive cable was the most likely culprit. If you simply disconnect the cable and then re-connect (preferably several times) that action often will scrub the oxide layer off and leave you with good contacts again. Will get a new PSU tomorrow to test with that. Edit2: I have moved inbetween these 4 months, so the possibility of the cause being "dirty" electricity in both places, is very low.

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This type of meter is preferable to the older analog VOM (volt-ohm meter) because the DMM injects only 1.5 volts into a circuit when conducting continuity tests, while a VOM typically Long-term data protection Like (5) Categories: Replies 0 Replies: Name Email Address Website Address Name (Required) Email Address (Required, will not be published) Website Address <%= commentBody %> Delete User Tip Manufacturers like Apple are standing in the way.

Great hope for your 'faulty' external HD by: PlotinusVeritas | 37969Views | Last Modified: Jun 6, 2014 Thousands of people every day experience what at first seems that their external USB if this is the case would changing any bios settings help? Norbert Jan 21 '10 at 8:25 Having moved, you may still have the same appliance on the same circuit as your computer; also your PSU may already be shot, Hard Disk Troubleshooting Pdf Before proceeding, note that a failing drive can become a failed drive at any moment.

and money in production costs. Hard Drive Problems And Solutions Prevention for future builds: If you are reading this and seeing this old user scenario via google question or what not: -ensure that your disks are properly mounted in a stable If it doesn't shut down there is a problem with the PSU of the PC. http://www.macworld.com/article/2030013/advice-from-an-apple-tech-three-common-mac-fixes.html This is all not to say that HD do not fail, they do indeed, and I have seen many 100s of dead and failing hard drives.

Read more. Hard Drive Troubleshooting Flowchart If you feel uncomfortable in doing same, don't do it, but since your data is likely right within reach, and there is an extremely LOW level of damage possible, opening up To launch the BIOS, you have to press a special key before the computer boots into Windows. I should mention now, that the whole system is in a shoebox.

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Never use the soft RAID on your motherboard. http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/5-install-sata-hard-drive/ Also I'm adding to the question now, that I have moved to a new place inbetween the 4 months, so it's unlikely that there are electricity problems at both places. –K. Hard Drive Problems Troubleshooting And Repairing If you have 3 disks, use RAID 5! 6 disks on RAID 5 (4+1) with a hot spare is ideal if your drives are covered under a warranty. Hard Drive Problems Symptoms This involves inserting the test probes of the meter into the back of the Molex power plug while it is still attached to the drive.

After that errors were creeping up again in /var/log/messages, and mdadm was reporting raid array failures. http://vgvinc.com/hard-drive/formatting-a-hard-disk-after-a-power-surge.php If you have a multimeter, I would try measuring the voltage that is running in your hard drives and watch it over a period of time. At first this is intermittent, but eventually it becomes permanent. share|improve this answer answered Jan 20 '10 at 23:37 chris 4,190145277 Couldn't it be a problem from the outlet he is "stuffing it away" on? External Hard Disk Troubleshooting

I normally go up one size when replacing power supplies.Replacing a power supply is pretty straightforward. Find The PC Guide helpful? You can't see what is being described because of the poor light and no information is given to show the source of the data and power cables they are magically there. http://vgvinc.com/hard-drive/hard-drive-recognition-issue.php Before you start, make sure the new supply has the correct form factor and power rating.

Better check again the connections. Hard Disk Troubleshooting Software Stand up for your right to repair. No harm is done in doing this to your external HD unless you drop same in opening up its casing or apply excess brute force that is unwarranted.

had a cold cathode tube running but turned it off... 4.1 surround sound jbl system ....

In the middle to late of 2009, most all external hard drives both in 2.5” and 3.5” reached the shelves in SATA III. To find out, have a quick look into your case to check your hardware setup. Make sure that the drive has power, and restart the system. External Hard Drive Problems Cheap power, bad air flow, old cheap drives not properly mounted in a chassis, and a motherboard soft RAID...this all increases the chances of a disk fault.

Also, remove the current power cable and use a different one. (Power cables seldom fail, but we have seen it happen.) 5. by VengeanceFury009 / August 4, 2008 6:14 AM PDT In reply to: Alot to get going ive had this exact setup going for a year now and it has only started Thanks! weblink Never connect both power connectors at the same time or you could damage your drive! 4.

What you need is the SATA interface cable (red cable in image above) and either a 4-pin Molex power connector or a SATA power cable. Reply Darz March 19, 2016 at 3:28 pm Did you sort out your problem? The drive warms quickly as it runs, so if this method succeeds you may need to do multiple freezer sessions to recover all of your data.Finally, as a last resort although And it worked, I didn't get image because I didn't attach the graphics card, but at least computer stayed powered on...So no motherboard problem, nor harddrive, so it has to be

Eliminates the horrible failure point of SATA bridges and interfaces between external drives and the computer.3. This is normal and won’t affect the performance or capacity of the hard drive. Generally HD are highly prone to death or corruption for a few months, then work fine for a few years, then spike in mortality starting at 3-4 years and certainly should Just remember that the serious downside to the low cost external HD enclosures is THEY TOO contain these SATA cards, and what is worse the cheap ones will fail, often, much

Good news is that you have roughly a greater than 50-60% chance that your external hard drive is perfectly fine!The great news at the end of the tunnel of an apparently Really. When you startup the computer, you can see the startupscreen for selecting BIOS, but just when he wants to start Windows, computer shuts down.So I detached the harddrive from the computer A perfect blog about this theme https://hetmanrecovery.com/recovery_news..., where you can hear the sounds and compare with yours hard disk.

although cables replacement is a solution but can anyone suggest some permanent solution? So actually I onlyu used the computer as power supply to attach it to my laptop Are you sure the harddrive is a slave to your master drive? Insofar as is possible, while the drive is still functioning, copy the important files to another hard drive or an optical disc. Some people have never seen the inside of a computer, but I think with the information and visual cues from the article and the video, it's possible to find everything and

Only the obvious, I'm afraid.