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Hard Disk Question.

Can I install the new version over the old one or should I uninstall the old version first? What is System Partition and what is Boot Partition? What is Removable storage and Remote storage? A spanned volume is the one by which you can combine more tuple area of free space either in one disk or in different disks to form a single logical drive. http://vgvinc.com/hard-disk/hard-disk-damage-what-is-this.php

If your BIOS and Operating System (DOS or Windows) detect a SAN device and display it properly in BIOS (for DOS) or Computer Management Panel (Windows), KillDisk is able to see of alphabets) logical drives. Then convert that partition as Active (System) partition. The total amount of available space for use is the total number of disks minus one disk.

or is it not really gonna matter on that one?My PC atm is:Processor: AMD Athlon 6000+RAM: 4Gb (2x2Gb) Geil RAM Graphic card: Powercolor 4870 1GbMotherboard: Asrock ALIVE-SATA2-GLAN Thanks for any help Accumulator is the register in which Arithmetic and Logic calculations are done. View Answer 1 India News Network View India News Network RSS feed Latest 20 Questions An offer which is open for acceptance over a period of time is: (a) Cross Offer When you create an extended partition you don’t have space immediately available to format and start storing files on that.

Get the answer m4matteoMar 11, 2010, 9:00 PM A friend has offered me a 500Gb Caviar Blue (16Mb Cache) and a 500Gb Caviar Green (8Mb Cache) all for £30. Or Check out the Acronis Hard Drive Monitor-it's free. What is Basic disk? If you're a casual user, every three to six months is probably fine.

You may also want to look at SSDs, but they are really expensive compared to the 7200 rpm HDDs.Size depends on what you want to do, if you're gaming and general Menu Home Forums Categories Resources Follow Us Join our free message board and ask our pros your tech questions! View Answer Logic calculations are done in which type of registers? It is generally assumed that when you say hard drive, you mean a mechanical hard drive, which stores data by using magnetic read/write heads to write data to disks in binary

Could governments and banks become CAs? Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Application screenshots HDDlife for Notebooks Press center Support HDDlife order page DOWNLOAD NOW HDDlife v4 released! If you want to convert basic to dynamic then go to computer management è Click on the disk management ->Right click on the hard disk (where you can find text as Why doesn't HDDlife work on my computer?

SIM is Set Interrupt Mask. https://hddlife.com/eng/faq.html Sometime certain sectors might become faulty, this does not affect the entire drive. Use the arrow keys to locate the section about Boot device priority. Where does command `rename` come from?

Problems can come all at once or you may see a degradation in performance and data loss over a period of time. check over here Not the answer you're looking for? If the computer automatically detects the new hard disk then there is nothing to do, if it doesn’t detect new hard disk automatically, Right click on the disk then select the Software RAID is controlled by the operating system where as hardware RAID is controlled by a hardware adapter. 18.

You should have least 3 disks and you can add up to 32 disks. Is This Answer Correct? 0 Yes 1 No Submit Your Answer Q - 5 What is Bad Sectors? Please consult this troubleshooting chart: Troubleshooting Floppy Disk Problems Problem Solution Error message "bad command or file name" You can use our KillDisk Bootable Floppy Creator to make a bootable USB: http://vgvinc.com/hard-disk/hard-disk-problems.php All HDDlife versions can uninstall automatically.

Hard disk eraser [email protected] KillDisk communicates with the system hardware device directly. This eliminates some head seeking time, speeding up the overall average performance.Ultimate speed for gamers, by common legend, involves using VERY high rotational speed drives (10,000 rpm or more) in RAID0 How is the data erased?

By this you can extend the size of a volume at any time.

The software is licensed on a per CD/DVD or USB media storage device basis. You cannot mount a volume in Windows NT and previous versions of Windows. Why does HDDlife try to send something to the Internet every hour? Parameters that are set in low-level setup are written to the machine's BIOS.

The pointer of the file exists on the hard disk but the file will be stored on the tape. View Answer Which Segment is used to store interrupt and subroutine return address registers? I thought you were saying something else, like 'hard drive.'" "Yes, I probably did say hard drive." What difference is there between these two, if any? weblink This section will allow you to set the search order for types of boot devices.

Ans- This is caused when the read / write head comes in contact with the platter. View Answer What?s the speed and device maximum specs for Firewire? Besides, in future we are going to provide users with access to this data right from the HDDlife interface (for example, for you to see the average temperature of drives similar Restart the system Boot from CD ROM.